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Emotional Freedom Technique



Does It Really Work?

emotional Freedom technique (EFT)

EFTis something I have been hearing about for a couple of years.  And, like so many other "miracle" self-help techniques, it is said to help with just about anything you can imagine. 

Well, as an author and international speaker on self-help topics, especially for diabetics, I have been bombarded by so many "This is the miracle answer!" methods that I have lost count.  I have been told about everything from raspberries to combing one's chi.  (Not to be confused with combing your Chia pet.) 

So, when I heard about EFT and how it basically worked, I was not impressed.  You see, in my practice, I will not even mention a self-help method to my clients unless I am sold on it myself.  And when they ask me about some technique that has no research backing it up, I can only be honest and tell them what I know. 

And EFT is kind of, well, loopy.  I get great results with what I use and frankly, this tapping stuff seems a bit far-fetched.  Not that I'm against touch therapy because I have been a massage therapist for a long time and there is definitely something to this whole human body energy field thing. 

I remember when I was studying for my massage license in 1994, one of the things in my class that really impressed me was the evidence in favor of acupuncture.  Before seeing research showing that acupuncture worked because it released enkephalins (which are close cousins to endorphins) I figured acupuncture worked because if you were crazy enough to let some maniac stick a bunch of needles in you, chances are you were crazy enough to get better no matter what was used.

So, with EFT, I just can't see how smacking myself in different places while muttering affirmations is going to help.  More importantly, there are no clinical studies.  A lot of anecdotes, yes.  But I like solid research.

But does EFT work?  Well, like I said, anecdotes are okay but, they're not proof.

However, when I start hearing support statements from nurses and doctors, my ears perk up.  And when I hear of thousands of support statements for emotional freedom technique, I get very interested. 

And so I ordered the DVDs.  And I watched this simple, easy to learn process help Vietnam veterans reduce or, in many cases, eliminate problems they had suffered from for decades, I became convinced.

While these thousands of testimonials and videos are not double blind, placebo studies, they do constitute what I call empirical evidence.  Or, as my friend Dr. Callendar likes to call it, "Systematic Anecdotalism".

In other words, it is difficult to ignore. 

So, I pulled my head out of the sand and started using EFT for myself and teaching it to my clients. 

And it works.

It is not always the answer my client needs but it is very impressive in its results and quite easy to use.

So the next time you hear about this "tapping thing", listen up.  If the Universe tells you something 3 times, it might be time to listen.


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