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Stress can result from having too much to do and not enough time.  Unexpected expenses can cause a lot of stress. 

So, sometimes our nation's defenders need their stress levels reduced simply by receiving a helpful hand.

Some things that people can volunteer to help with could be:

  • Mowing someone's lawn

  • Household repair jobs

  • Car repairs

  • Painting

  • Snow shoveling

  • Cooking

  • Anything you can imagine...

In order to be listed on this site, please read the below requirements and the Listing/Linking policies to the right.

  • You are required to agree with the directory rule that you will not, in any manner whatsoever, 'pitch' or attempt to sell products and/or services to those who come to you as a result of finding and using this website.  Application for listing indicates you understand and agree with this policy.

  • If someone asks you about products or services, obviously that is their decision but please avoid aggressive selling.  And do your best to give them a great discount should they choose to pay you for something. 

  • Please understand that if enough complaints are received about a listed provider, the listing will be removed.  "Blind" complaints will be ignored.  A "blind" complaint is one that is not substantiated with valid contact information and/or specific information about the complaint itself.

  • A listed provider will have a chance to explain their side of the situation if they wish.

How To Submit For A Listing


As the directory on this website depends on volunteers, the more people that know about it, the better because there will be more people who will volunteer to help. 


Therefore, although not a requirement, a reciprocal listing would be greatly appreciated.   To list our website or feature it on your Home Page, please use this information:


War Stress Relief (www.war-stress-relief.com)

Free help for our troops and their families.

Please volunteer your services in any way you can.


To be listed, please submit your information according to the example outline below.  Include "Read Policies....". 


Business/Personal Name:

Harry Joe Soggy Waffle, Jr. Handyman Services


Website: N/A or give URL it if you do have one.


Location: 123 Main St.  Anywhere, America.  55555


Contact Info: HarrySoggyWaffle



Specialties: Household handyman tasks.  Plumbing, painting and general grunt work.


Giving to you: Three hours per month of my time for free. 


Comments: If the job requires parts, I will let you know before I start so you can decide whether or not you want me to go ahead.


You will be charged only cost for parts.  No mark-up.  Travel time to get parts counts toward 3 hours.  You may want to get them yourself.


Also, it is respectfully requested that you provide some proof that either you are an active or retired military service person, or that you are a family member of a military service person.









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