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Healing Articles

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K nowledge is power.  In this section there are articles that have been contributed in the hopes that they will provide you with answers to making your life better.  Enjoy!

If you wish to contribute an article, please click here for more information.  Your contributions are very welcome and, if they meet editorial guidelines, they will be published. 









Editorial Guidelines for Article Submission

You met one already--a willingness to help by submitting an article.

Here's what's needed:

1) Articles must be helpful and reasonably well written.  Humor, well done, is also appreciated.

2) Articles must be spell checked. 

3) No advertising of any sort.  You can have a brief biography with a mention of your website and contact info but no product pushing.

4) No "bashing", "slamming" or otherwise bad-mouthing anyone or anything.  Our troops and their families have enough negativity to deal with.

5) Please be patient with the posting of your article. 

6) Not every article submitted will be posted.  If, after a few weeks time you haven't been contacted to revise your article and you don't see your article posted, please contact us to find out why.  It could just be a case of C.R.I.S.--Cranial Rectal Insertion Syndrome.

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