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Information can be life changing.  And sometimes it just takes that little piece of information to cause a cascade of changes leading to a personal revolution.

Following are links to sites that I hope contribute in some way, to your self-knowledge revolution. 

Have fun exploring!



Anxiety Links


Anxiety Disorders Association of America


National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH),

National Mental Health Association


Anxiety and Panic Pit Stop


Anxiety Disorders Guide


Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents


Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adults


Anxiety in Children and Teens


National Anxiety Foundation







Depression FAQ's


Hypnosis for Depression: Dr. Michael Yapko--A brilliant and compassionate man who has pioneered powerful methods in using hypnosis for depression.  You can buy audio products from him to help.


Depression Links





Diabetes Research Association of America


Complete Listing of Important Diabetes Websites







MindBody Hypnosis

Self-help information for anxiety, OCD, Diabetes and more


National Guild of Hypnotists

World's largest and best hypnosis convention.


Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills

A Minnesota state licensed hypnosis and NLP certification school hosting free seminars to raise awareness of War-Stress-Relief.com






The Mesothelioma Center provides a complete list of occupations, ships, and shipyards that could have put our Veterans at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases.


In addition, they have thousands of articles regarding asbestos and mesothelioma and they’ve even created a veterans-specific section on their website in order to help inform them about the dangers of asbestos exposure. 


Webmaster's Note: This site has a tremendous amount of excellent, free information.  Check it out.




(neuro-linguistic programming)


National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology









Guide To PTSD Resources: Emily Afuola of Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc., has posted a comprehensive guide to PTSD.  Click here to download this invaluable resource guide.



National Center for PTSD


National Institutes of Mental Health


Reliving Trauma




Military Creates Mental Health Hotline





Sleep Information


Sleep Information for Patients and the Public


Comprehensive and Technical Sleep Information


Take A Sleep Test


Sleep Tips


What is Sleep Apnea?  Knowing this could change your life!


National Sleep Foundation


Mayo Clinic Sleep Center


Support for Soldiers


Returning Veterans



"The goal of SOFAR is to provide a flexible and diverse range of psychological services that fosters stabilization, aids in formulating prevention plans to avoid crises, and helps families to manage acute problems effectively when they occur."


The Soldiers Project


Disabled American Veterans


AMVETS--Supporting Veterans and Active Military


Minnesota Veteran--If you are military and you live in MN, read this because there is a lot of stuff for you!




Weight Loss




Weight Loss and Hypnosis: Does It Really Work?













Link Exchange Information

Exchanging links helps everyone so, if you want to exchange links, please read the below guidelines.

1) This is NOT a products link page.  Therefore, only links to primarily informative websites will be considered.  Informative websites does NOT mean sloppily put together sites whose sole purpose is to give very little information while pushing untested, probably useless and possibly unsafe products.  Sorry but I've gotten so many requests from these purveyors of crap that I might as well let them know up front.

2) If you do have good information to offer my visitors, please send an email to: devin@mindbodyhypnosis.com. This email address is not hyperlinked because of spam spiders. 

3) In your email, please indicate where on your website I can find a link to the index page of this website.  Also include your website description and URL. 

Please use the following information about this site:

War Stress Relief (www.war-stress-relief.com)

Free help for our troops and their families.

Please volunteer your services in any way you can.

4) If the link to my site is difficult to find (more than 2 clicks from Home Page), then please do not bother requesting a link exchange. 

 It's amazing how many sites have links pages that aren't even listed anywhere on their home page.  Since buried or hidden links won't be found by Google and certainly not by visitors, they will not be considered. 

5) Thanks for getting this far.  Guess I haven't offended you and I truly do wish to make this site a quality information resource and your contribution is greatly appreciated.


Links Disclaimer

Please Read: It is said that information is power.  This is not exactly true.  Good information is power.  There's a lot of so-called information out there on the internet so, the purpose of this page is to direct you to what appear to be credible sources of information.

Note:  Although I am listing links to other sites, I do not endorse or take responsibility for their contents, claims, or representations. 

Warning: Anyone can post their views on newsgroups and I have found that some of the information is dangerously incorrect. 

Therefore, whatever data you to choose to invest yourself in, please discuss it with your doctor (if appropriate) or other expert advisor before doing anything with it. 



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