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Iwould like to thank the following "staff" for their contributions to the creation of this website.



Lieutenant Colonel "Early Bird" Hastings--My incredible, wonderful and amazing 9 month old son who acted as my alarm clock to get me up really, really early so that I could work on this and many other projects. 


Major D. Iaper Disaster--Some people find "changing" difficult.  And yes, the picture is a tad blurry probably because I was laughing so much when I took it.


General Dinner Disorder--I believe babies have an unusual ability to absorb nutrition through their skin.


Private "K. Antsee Um" Parts

Lieutenant "Tu Kute" William Harrison Hastings--In charge of telling tall tales.


"Could you please buy my daddy just one tiny, little 95 cent cup of coffee

so he has enough energy to change my diaper?  Thank you."


If you are curious about the person that created this website, click here.  Be warned, he is not nearly as good looking as his kid. 


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