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Stress Reduction with Self-Hypnosis

2 Techniques

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Stress Reduction with Self-Hypnosis Script

Excerpted from Control Your Diabetes With Hypnosis by C. Devin Hastings


Get comfortable.

Take a few belly breaths.

Tell yourself you give yourself permission to go into a relaxing state of mind. Let your mind drift to a safe, calm place.

Now, you are going to count backwards from 5 down to 1 and repeat in your mind the following:

5, I give myself permission to feel sensations of relaxation in my eyelid muscles now.

Then close your eyes and open them to read next sentence.

4, Somehow, I am becoming aware of relaxation in my eye lid muscles.

Then close your eyes and open them to read next sentence.

3, Somehow, the relaxation in my eyelid muscles is increasing and feels good.

Then close your eyes and open them to read next sentence. Please notice any growing sensations of eyelid sleepiness.

2, My eyelid muscles are almost as relaxed as they can be right now.

Then close your eyes and open them and read next sentence. Please notice more growing sensations of eyelid sleepiness.

1, My eyelid muscles are feeling as relaxed as they can be in about 30 seconds.

Then close your eyes and open them noticing the relaxation and read next sentence.

I now allow myself to enter a calm state of mind called hypnosis.

Close eyes letting them relax completely and imagine the door to your subconscious opening only for good suggestions.



Excellent Self-Hypnosis Suggestions:

ONLY one self-hypnosis suggestion per session.

1) Somehow, in some way, I am getting better and better every day.

2) I am learning to make better choices that make me happier and healthier.

3) With every breath, I am going deeper into healing trance.

4) In some healthy way, I am releasing pain from the past.




How To Push Your Own Buttons!


Please understand that when someone or some event ‘pushes your button‘ and gets you upset, you are responding to a post-hypnotic command that you unknowingly created a long time ago.

You are now about to learn how to use that existing inner power for self-hypnosis in a much more positive and healthy way.

Think about it, if you can literally program yourself to respond in powerful, negative ways, then you have already experienced the emotional depth and feeling to which you can program yourself in other, much more satisfying ways.

You do have the power to create your own buttons. You have always had that power.

If you doubt your ability to create a powerful hypnosis suggestion within yourself, then watch yourself the next time someone else makes you upset. Observe your body response. More importantly, look at how you made the decision to give people and situations power over your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Now, commit yourself to learning how to taking control of those buttons and you are making a powerful decision that must lead to a happier, healthier life.

See below for exact instructions on how to push your own buttons!



"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

--Eleanor Roosevelt



(To be done with a partner or recorded on tape)


STEP ONE: Take a minimum of 5 deep breaths while rubbing the thumb and finger(s) of one or both hands together. With each count open and close your eyes.

STEP TWO: Having begun to feel some physical relaxation that is inevitable when you breathe deeply, keep your eyes closed and describe IN DETAIL to your partner, a time when you powerfully felt a sensation of mental and physical calm. Continue rubbing thumb and finger.

STEP THREE: Think of a unique ‘cue’ word that will always remind you of this good feeling.

STEP FOUR: Repeat this cue word many times while rubbing your fingers & thumb together while experiencing your feelings of growing calm and relaxation. Keep eyes closed.

STEP FIVE: Answer the question: "What else can I add to this to make it more effective?

STEP SIX: Open eyes and talk about neutral subject for a few minutes. STOP RUBBING THUMB AND FINGER TOGETHER. Partner, watch for this.

STEP SEVEN: Close eyes. Repeat cue word several times while rubbing thumb and finger together. Notice sensation of fingers rubbing while becoming aware of memories, thoughts and feelings associated with cue word and action. Do this for 2 minutes. Partner, time this!

STEP EIGHT: Repeat steps 6 and 7 five times. Do this! It will create results

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